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Cooling & Indoor Air Quality Services

If your air conditioning is giving you trouble, the team at Seasonal Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. We provide trusted cooling and indoor air quality services to customers across Portage, IN, and Northwest Indiana. From air conditioning repair and installation to air purifiers, humidifiers, and more, we’re committed to your comfort and satisfaction.

AC Repair

Ensuring Clear, Cool Air

Air Conditioning

Make sure your air conditioning is running smoothly this summer with our dependable repair and maintenance services. As a Carrier dealer, we also install exceptional air conditioning systems and are dedicated to keeping your home or business cool during the warmer months.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom ductwork can help to ensure proper airflow and efficiency when it comes to your air conditioning system. We offer sheet metal fabrication to meet your home or business’s specific needs.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can help to improve your home or business’s indoor air quality. Using hospital-grade filtration, they attack various types of indoor air pollutants, including airborne particles, bacteria and viruses, and chemical vapors.

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Whether the air in your home or business is too humid or too dry, we can assist you in finding the best solution. A humidifier will help to make the air warmer and can potentially provide relief for dry skin, sore throat, and similar conditions. Alternatively, a dehumidifier can remove air moisture for properties that experience excessive dampness and condensation.

Indoor Air Quality

Keep your home’s air pristine with Seasonal Heating & Air Conditioning indoor air quality services. Our team of specialists will evaluate your home for pollutants and allergens and find the best air purification system for your home. From humidifiers to ventilation systems, we have everything you need to maintain the highest air quality in your home.

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